Do you have a return policy?  

Return any of our products within 30 days of purchase.

 Do you have customer support?  

Yes.  Please contact us via "Contact Us" page or Facebook messenger.  

 When to apply sealant when rock painting? 

Please allow several hours until the project is completely dry.

 Are Triton Paint Pens dishwasher safe? 

We do not recommend using dishwashers to clean glass or other surfaces that have been painted with Triton Paint Markers.  Dishwashers can vary greatly with their heat settings.   We recommend warm water hand-washing to clean mugs and cups.  Glass and ceramic surfaces painted with Triton Paint Pens are water resistant when appropriately cured.    

Do you suggest baking glass projects to make them permanent? 

Yes.  When possible, bake the project to ensure a more permanent finish.  When this is not possible, you can also use a sealer to make your project more durable.

Do these acrylic paint pens work on metal? 

Yes they do.  However, it is crucial to allow the artwork to dry and then apply a clear coat sealant.  

Do these paint markers bleed through paper?  Can Triton Paint Pens be used for lettering art? 

It does depend on the thickness of the paper.  But Triton Paint Pens can be used for lettering on most surfaces- including many paper surfaces. 

Will these stain clothes? 

The paint is semi-permanent and water resistant.  Please exercise caution or use clothing that can be painted on. 

What is the difference between Paint Markers and Paint Pens?

There isn't a clear distinction, however, pens tend to have finer tips compared to markers- in general. 

Do Triton Paint Markers work on wood? 

Yes. Absolutely.  Wood is one of the most popular uses for Triton Paint Pens. 

Can these markers be used on surfaces which will be used to serve food? 

Without FDA approval, we can't recommend Triton Paint Pens be used on surfaces that come in direct contact with food. 

Can you use Triton Paint Pens on Fabric or Canvas? 

Yes!  They absolutely work on both fabric and canvas.  Be mindful not to press and hold the nib as this could result in too much paint coming and bleed through.