Rock Painting: Whether to Start with Acrylic or Oil Paint Pens

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The chances are that you have heard about the viral activity of rock painting. Millions of people around the world these days are making efforts to pick some of the best rocks on which they can spread the beauty of colors. However, if you are new to this concept then also your search results landed you at the right page. Here we are going to talk more about rock painting and essential supplies you need to execute this task.

Rock Painting:

In terms of archaeology, rock painting or rock art can be defined as human-made markings on the natural stones. You will be happy to hear that it is a global phenomenon; you can find rock art in culturally diverse regions as well. Such artworks are usually categorized into three types:

  • Petroglyphs: They are carved into the rock surface.
  • Pictographs: They are painted over the surface of the rock.
  • Earth Figures: These types of paintings are formed on the ground.

In order to get started with the rock painting, you need to follow these simple steps first:

  • Find the most suitable kindness rocks first; this process may involve rock hunting and rock hiding Clean it to get started with your paint ideas.
  • Choose the most appropriate paint colors to start with your dream painting.
  • Decorate the rock with your unique and creative paint ideas.
  • Add your label at one corner so that the world can recognize your art.

One of the most difficult tasks for new age rock paint artists these days is to find the right paint supplies to get started with rock painting ideas. Don’t worry! Here are a few essential details to solve your trouble. Some of the best ideas for rock painting are here:

Starter idea for kids: 

rock painting kindness rocks for kids and adults

Want to gift someone?

Painted rocks are amazing gifts for friends and family

Impress the world:

     Rock painting of pets!Painted rock of dog!

In short, there are lots of amazing ideas that you can implement with rock painting skills; this art can help you create a unique impression in the world.

Acrylic Vs. Oil Paint Pens:

There is no doubt to say that oil paints are in the market for hundreds of the years and they are known for their long-lasting quality. But in the practical world, they start discoloring with time. But on the other side, acrylic paint markers can keep your rock shiny, attractive and well-painted for years ahead.

There is one more reason behind experts recommending oil paint pens for beginners; they need lesser drying time as compared to the oil paint pens. It is observed that acrylic paints can dry in just a few minutes or within an hour but when we talk about oil paint pens; they usually stay wet for days or even weeks. Actually, their performance is more dependent upon humidity and temperature levels. That is why beginners, as well as professionals, prefer to use acrylic paints as the most preferred choice for rock painting.

For students and hobbyist painters, the added bonus of using acrylic paint pens is their reasonable price range. That is why most of the experts recommend getting started with acrylic paint pens to create some of the best masterpieces in the arms of nature.