How to Create Your Own Beautiful Mug with DIY Ceramic Painting?

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DIY Coffe Mug Ceramic Painting

How to Create Your Own Beautiful Mug with DIY Ceramic Painting?

Although you may find a variety of coffee mugs with unique designs and colors in the market; buy having a custom painted mug is really amazing. Whether you want to spice up your personal coffee table or wish to gift a creative collection to someone special; working on a DIY ceramic painting project is always the best idea.

You can easily find a plain white ceramic cup in the market and buy some good quality colors to start your painting project. It actually takes very less time, and you can soon create something impressive for your coffee table. The process is quite simple. Just buy a ceramic coffee mug, wash it and then dab some rubbing alcohol in the area where you wish to apply the paint. Your mug is now ready for painting.

Well, before we begin with this idea, it is important to know that the market is loaded with a variety of painting solutions. You can get started with acrylic paints, paint pens or try watercolor designs using some colorful nail polishes as well. However, here we are going to talk about painting coffee mugs with Triton Paint Pens. Follow the simple and easy steps listed below to showcase your artistic creativity on some ceramic coffee mugs:

Step 1: Create a design outline on mug:

Although this step is not much important when you are working with paint pens, you can follow it to ensure a clean and neat design. Moreover, it is the best way to avoid the mistakes of your creative designs. Experts advise using painter’s tape to ensure more accuracy with the straight lines.

DIY Coffee Mug Painting... Ceramic Painting

Step 2: Create the first layer of paint on the mug:

We advise you to work with an oil-based paint marker to decorate coffee mugs. Simply run your market on the design that you recently created with pencil on the mug. Generally, it is not recommended to use sharpie instead of paint pens because they do not stay so long.

Step 3: Add other layers of paint on the mug:

Let the first layer of paint dry first, and then you can start adding new layers over it. Depending upon the type of DIY Coffee Mug design, you can use multiple colors at variable texture and thickness levels. Make sure the colors do not mix with each other.

Step 4: Erase the mistakes using rubbing alcohol:

Once your design is over, use rubbing alcohol to get rid of remaining mistakes or pencil marks on the ceramic mug. Be careful at this step; do not rub the design.

Step 5: Let the mug air dry for 24 hours:

It is time to place your decorated ceramic mug on newspaper and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Christmas DIY Do it Yourself Coffee Mug Painting Ceramic

Step 6: Bake the mug for 25 minutes:

Finally, it is time to bake the mug in the oven with the temperature setting of 375-degree F. Turn off the oven after 25 minutes but let the mug stay inside for 2 more hours. After this, let the mug cool down.